Your Islamic Marriage and Nikkah Signing in Ashburn

While the actual nikah signing ceremony is simple and brief, the celebrations surrounding the event don't have to be. It is a time of great joy and festivities. When planning a traditional Islamic marriage, start well in advance. Since the many parties, ceremonies, and feasts involved will be all over Ashburn, obtaining an Islamic wedding planner is highly advised.

Arranging Your Dholki

Since your dholki take place long before your actual marriage ceremony, it's a wonderful time to unwind and enjoy singing, dancing, and companionship with close friends and family. The drums can be obtained from close friends, or perhaps rented from Ashburn music shops.

The post-dancing dinners are also considered celebrations worthy of your attention. Make each night of your dholki special with different decorations every evening. Contact Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center for suggestions regarding tableware, centerpieces, chair decor, and more. These supplies can be rented, so you'll find a wide variety that is affordable.

Planning the Perfect Mehendi

As the first night of your three-day wedding, your mehendi will likely be the most colorful and festive part of your Islamic wedding ceremony. Unless there are very conservative families involved, a joint celebration with men and women will take place. With a vast selection of party supplies, choosing appropriate decorations from Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center is a snap.

Choosing a henna artist for your mehendi can be as easy as surfing the internet or asking a friend. Many who attend services at your mosque can likely refer you to the right person. Though a great artist can probably be found in the Ashburn area, you may need to ask one to travel to you. If this is the case, expect additional fees for services. Remember that the photographs taken at your mehendi will last forever, so do whatever is needed to obtain the right person.

Your Nikah Contract Signing Event — Beauty in Simplicity

While your clothing may be the most elaborate on this day, the festivities surrounding the signing of the nikah contract should be a bit more subdued. This is the most serious part of your wedding and can be treated as such. While you'll still want a photographer to document this important ceremony, save the elaborate decorations and fun for the after-party.

Go All Out for Your Valima

Now that the heavy part of the process is done, it's time to celebrate! The valima is the last part of your wedding and likely to be the most elaborate. Guests from far beyond Ashburn will be there, as well as your close friends, so make it a night to remember. Since the groom's family hosts the feast, they should scout out a large enough event space well in advance. If your valima will be attended by more than 100 people, an event planner for this portion of the wedding is highly recommended.

Your Islamic Wedding Ceremony: A Feast of Sound, Visuals, and Food

Your wedding is a time of celebration. Make it special with great music, decorations, clothing, and food. The professionals at Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center know what your wedding means to you and your guests and can offer the advice and supplies you need.