Planning a Day of the Dead Party in Reston

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What is Day of the Dead?

Day of the Dead, also known as Dia de los Muertos, is a holiday celebrated in Mexico on November 1st and 2nd. It is an ancient celebration that goes back to the indigenous people of Mexico, and on these two days every year they pay tribute to their loved ones that have passed away.

Day of the Dead Celebrations

Traditionally, Dia de los Muertos is celebrated across Mexico by going to the cemeteries at night with flowers and drinks and having a party with deceased loved ones.

There are many traditions you can borrow from Mexico and bring to Reston for your Day of the Dead party.

  • Food: There are several traditional foods eaten around Day of the Dead that you can serve at your party. Zacahuíl is a traditional dish made at this time of year. It is a tamale that is wrapped in a gigantic banana leaf and cooked slowly for hours. Chocolate sugar skulls are also a very common sweet to serve at a Day of the Dead celebration. Pan de Muertos, or bread of the dead, is also a common snack to serve during Day of the Dead celebrations. Be sure you also have local Reston foods for your guests in case they don't want the more traditional Mexican dishes.
  • Drinks: Day of the Dead is not a time of mourning in Mexico, it is a celebration. People even bring the favorite drinks of their passed loved ones for them to share in the party. Look up some mezcal and tequila cocktails to serve, but also be sure to stock a wide range of drinks to suit all of your guest's tastes.
  • Face Painting: Painting your face to look like a calaca, or skeleton, is a fun way to add a festive feeling to the event. Hire a face painter or have a talented friend offer her services.

Day of the Dead Decorations

Decorations play a huge part in any Dia de los Muertos celebration. 

  • Flowers: The traditional flowers that you see all over Mexico during Day of the Dead are marigolds. Putting these bright yellow flowers all over the party room will create an instant recognition for Day of the Dead. We can assist you in finding a florist in Reston that can shape the flowers into beautiful Dia de los Muertos floats to decorate the party.
  • Skulls: Whether made of chocolate or pottery, displaying skulls during the Day of the Dead celebrations is a common way to remember what the holiday is all about. Have a mixture of different colors and place them around the tables.
  • Pops of color: Whether it's colored streamers or dangling beads, Dia de los Muertos is a holiday filled with color. Purple is a popular color for this celebration, so in addition to the bright yellow marigolds that are spread around the party, be sure to add pops of purple to complement the theme. 

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