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Hosting Conferences

Do you want to hold a conference? Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center has a long history of coordinating events for a variety of professional clients. Discover how we can help your business develop a conference hosting checklist containing key corporate event-hosting services.

How Can an Event Coordinator Help You?

Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center offers a wide variety of conference event hosting solutions. Call us to learn how an event coordinator can help you with the following items on your conference hosting checklist.

Organizing Your Conference

An international meeting planner can take your ideas and bring them to life, overseeing all aspects of organization from monitoring the budgets to managing the conference event hosting progress. Our event coordinating experts can provide on-site support before, during, and after your conference to ensure all items are completed from your conference hosting checklist.

Locating and Managing the Venue

Our event coordinating professionals know the best local event venues for intimate groups and much larger gatherings. Your event coordinator can work with these venues and other businesses, including caterers and entertainment providers, to ensure your conference meets your needs.

Managing Conference Registration and Travel Itineraries

Effective conference registration helps you plan better. Your international meeting planner can help you establish a proven conference registration system and monitor attendance. Your event coordinator can also manage the travel itineraries of your presenters and delegates, including flights and accommodations.

Developing Conference Agendas

A conference is only as good as its agenda, so developing the right one is a key part of event coordinating. Our trained conference event hosting professionals can ensure your event has the right mix of informative content, team-building exercises, and entertainment. Trust your international meeting planner to design an agenda and conference hosting checklist to ensure your conference is talked about for years to come.

Attracting Sponsors

The right sponsors can generate working capital, promote your event, and ensure a conference’s success. Your international meeting planner can help you connect with relevant sponsors and manage your relationship with them.

Organizing Marketing

Conferences cannot succeed if no one knows about them. Our trained marketing experts can create branding for your conference and spread the word, working with news outlets and marketing and public relations firms to ensure your desired target knows about your event.

Integrating Your Event with Modern Technology

As with so much of modern society, technology plays a key part in corporate event hosting today. Trust your international meeting planner to implement the following tech conference hosting checklist items:

  • An event website with conference details and registration
  • Dedicated social media pages
  • An event app with optional real-time alerts, venue information, conference agendas, and virtual networking tools
  • Live streaming to bring the event to people that could not attend
  • Live polling for instant event feedback

Call Us for Corporate Event Hosting You Can Trust

No conference is too big or too small for our experienced conference event hosting teamYour dedicated event coordinator will work with you to create the conference experience you want. Call Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center to learn how we can help you with all your event coordinating and conference event hosting needs.