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Nikkah Signing

A nikkah is a contract that is an integral part of any Islamic marriage. It outlines the responsibilities and rights of the bride, groom, and any other parties involved in marriage proceedings. The nikkah contract is a pre-nuptial agreement that all involved parties will sign prior to the marriage ceremony taking place. It is also called Arabic Katb el-Kitab, Urdu Nikah-Nama, or Hebrew Ketubah. Part of the contract requires the groom to give a marriage-gift, called a mahr, to the bride. Signing the nikkah contract is a critical part of the traditional Islamic wedding ceremony. After the marriage ceremony takes place, the couple will invite friends, neighbors, and relatives to celebrate at a marriage banquet, called the "walima."

Hiring a Nikkah Signing Party Hoster

When hosting an Islamic wedding, it’s hard to keep track of all of the details. Trust our experienced wedding and event hosters at Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center to take the responsibility off of your shoulders.

Hosting a Nikkah Signing

Marriage in the Islam religion is an exciting an important time for the bride and groom, as well as their families, friends, and communities. The groom hosts the banquet, and most of the guests bring gifts for the new couple. Those following Islamic beliefs do not drink alcohol, so guests typically avoid giving alcohol or anything to do with drinking, such as champagne or wine glasses or bar items. One of the most customary gifts is some type of Islamic artwork for the bride and groom to use in decorating their new home.

Traditional Food at a Nikkah Signing

In the Quaran, members of Islam read about a prophet who served goat and bread at a marriage ceremony, so the traditional food might include the meat of a sheep or goat, although fish and chicken are more common in modern times. Other items on the menu might include eggs (symbolizing fertility), dates, yogurt, and sweets. Caterers can create a menu with all of the traditional favorites. The extent of the celebration will depend on the couple, as some are simple and last only a few hours, while others last for days and include multiple meals and dancing.

Eid Party Food

The food at your Eid party will likely be the most important aspect, so give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare the menu. Those coming to your Eid celebration will have just completed a month-long fast, so they’ll be thrilled to enjoy tasty food options that they have gone without for a while. Most Eid party hosts choose to serve full meals, but that’s up to you. Your party planner can also help you find local caterers.

The most common food options to serve at an Eid celebration include lamb, dried fruit, stuffed vegetables, couscous, salads, and beans. Mediterranean favorites are also appealing, such as atayef, Arabic pancakes filled with nuts or cheese and served with honey or syrup for dipping, and kunafa, a treat made of spun shredded wheat and filled with nuts, raisins, cream, and/or cheese. Another popular choice is Masgouf, an Iraqi dish made of baked fish. Beverage options include Tamar Hindi, a sour drink served cold, and Amar al-Deen, made of soaked apricot and water.

Plan Your Nikkah Signing with Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center

Hosting a wedding is a daunting task, no matter what traditional aspects you plan to follow based on your culture or religious beliefs. If you’re looking for an Islamic wedding planner, talk to one of our event specialists at Cascades Celebration and Corporate Event Center for help in hosting the perfect nikkah signing and walima celebration for your loved ones.